Confirmation Resources/Plans

Later this year Michelangelo will be making his Confirmation at our Homeschool Camp; with our Bishop’s blessing we prepare our children ourselves.  I have total confidence in preparing our little ones for First Confession/First Holy Communion, however, despite ‘preparing’ three children to date for Confirmation I still struggle in feeling confident I have imparted all I […]

Sacramental Preparation

This year Jelly Bean will be making/receiving her First Confession and First Holy Communion.  We are in the blessed position of being able to prepare our children ourselves.  The majority of the resources we’re using I have used before to prepare her older siblings, although I’m adding a few new titles this time around.. The […]

Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles

When I was first introduced to Tomie de Paola I wasn’t an immediate fan, his artwork didn’t appeal to me.  However I did enjoy his Saint books so I gave him a ‘second chance’ and he became a familiar ‘friend’. We now have a number of his books including his Christmas titles.  Merry Christmas Strega […]

Christmas Selections from Our Town Library

As Advent is shortly around the corner I’ve been opening our Advent/Christmas book boxes and re-discovering old friends.  Many I have already shared at Aussie Book Threads and I have many more to share with you yet.   I thought for this post though, I’d share ones I borrow yearly from our local library.  Mmm […]

Living Math – Multiplication Picture Books

Our Princess has been struggling with maths, in particular she has needed to know her times tables but has been most reluctant.  In a bid to foster a love of maths we put the workbooks aside and began a different mathematical journey.  As Princess enjoys picture books I knew that was a good place to […]

Native Americans, Book Collection

Princess has long had an interest in Native Americans. Last year with the help of her brothers she built a tepee and presents for her eighth birthday included of a number Native American books. Her interest has still not abated, so whilst the older children are enjoying SOTW4,  Princess and I are reading our way […]

Geography for Highschool

This year my three teenagers have been using Brenda Runkle’s ‘World Physical Geography’, this is the first time we have used a formal approach to geography. As Koala has just finished the program (she has crammed a year’s program into 6 months) I have interviewed her as my guest poster:) Welcome Koala:) I’d like to […]