Confirmation Resources/Plans

Later this year Michelangelo will be making his Confirmation at our Homeschool Camp; with our Bishop’s blessing we prepare our children ourselves.  I have total confidence in preparing our little ones for First Confession/First Holy Communion, however, despite ‘preparing’ three children to date for Confirmation I still struggle in feeling confident I have imparted all I […]

Sacramental Preparation

This year Jelly Bean will be making/receiving her First Confession and First Holy Communion.  We are in the blessed position of being able to prepare our children ourselves.  The majority of the resources we’re using I have used before to prepare her older siblings, although I’m adding a few new titles this time around.. The […]

Boys and Books

A large focus of education today is illiteracy and in particular illiteracy and boys.  The solution of many  educators is to encourage boys to read extreme ‘twaddle’, books such as Captain Underpants and Santa Did a Fart!  In my opinion and many others, including author Max Elliot Anderson  this is not the solution. From their […]

Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles

When I was first introduced to Tomie de Paola I wasn’t an immediate fan, his artwork didn’t appeal to me.  However I did enjoy his Saint books so I gave him a ‘second chance’ and he became a familiar ‘friend’. We now have a number of his books including his Christmas titles.  Merry Christmas Strega […]

Native Americans, Book Collection

Princess has long had an interest in Native Americans. Last year with the help of her brothers she built a tepee and presents for her eighth birthday included of a number Native American books. Her interest has still not abated, so whilst the older children are enjoying SOTW4,  Princess and I are reading our way […]

Geography for Highschool

This year my three teenagers have been using Brenda Runkle’s ‘World Physical Geography’, this is the first time we have used a formal approach to geography. As Koala has just finished the program (she has crammed a year’s program into 6 months) I have interviewed her as my guest poster:) Welcome Koala:) I’d like to […]