Our Sunburnt Country – Land Of The Dreamtime

One of the pleasures of blog writing is ‘meeting’ people I would otherwise have never ‘met’. I particularly love when readers email me and we end up striking up a friendship as Sherelle, a regular commenter and emailer from Queensland and I have. When Sherelle emailed me with a request for “ideas for complementary activities/worksheets to go with […]

10 Homeschool Resources We Highly Recommend

  With nearly nearly two decades of homeschooling ‘clocked up,’ we’ve been privileged to have discovered some fantastic resources along the way to suit our family’s learning style. Sharing 10 of our favourites with you, that we highly recommend. *Linking up at Aussie Mums List of 10 over at Live Life With Your Kids.   1. All About Reading […]

Books Read Aloud – June & July, 2016

I’ve only a few read aloud books to share for the past two months, partly because we took a break from reading over the school holidays and partly our list is incomplete due to patchy record keeping. As always we have a two/three books being simultaneously read due to our children’s wide age spread, though there […]

Books Read Aloud – January Thru May, 2016

Each month I have intentions of writing and sharing scintillating reviews of the books I’ve read that month, the embarrassing truth though is, the sheer amount of books I devour is daunting so I abandon my post midway and return to reading. Perhaps I should adopt Modern Mrs Darcy’s approach and share, “three books I love, one I […]

Catholic Picture Books – April

We love celebrating the liturgical year through reading books, an easy and memorable way. We are blessed to have collected many books of various saints; short stories, chapter books and picture books. Sharing our picture book collection for the month of April, which is admittedly rather small, if you know of any others to recommend […]

Leaping into Literature: Our Final Week

Our Leaping into Literature readings have become rather challenged as we juggle a number of major projects in our life, projects that distract our focus and energy elsewhere, in fact this post has languished for a few weeks in drafts, dusting off to share. All three of the older children have been reading up a storm, however focusing on the […]

Leaping into Literature: An Interrupted Week

Last week was an interrupted week; a belated birthday luncheon for our teens with Marnie (my mum) and our annual local festival, always a big week. However despite the distractions we managed to achieve some reading for our Leaping into Literature theme.  Michelangelo(16) The Warrior Heir – Cinda Williams Chima The Wizard Heir – Cinda […]

Leaping Into Literature: A Less Intense Week

In some respects our Leaping into Literature focus was a little less intense this week, we read far fewer picture books than last week. Although our focus remained on reading, it was more in the nature of our budding readers reading to me rather than me reading to them. I’m finding the most effective method of ensuring reading progress […]