Jesse Tree in Picture Books

With Advent fast approaching my thoughts are turning toward preparations and celebrations.  It’s been several years since we’ve celebrated with a Jesse Tree, but after reading Ellie’s Jesse Tree in Picture Books I’ve felt re-inspired. Can’t promise we’ll manage making and hanging symbols but readings I can easily manage. Pulling our books off the shelves I realised […]

Mega List of Catholic Picture Books

Reading picture books together is not only enjoyable, is it an easy way to enhance our children’s Faith, one of my favourite pastimes with our children. I’d like to share our collection of Faith books with you, this list focuses mainly on Saints picture books with a miscellaneous round up at the end. I haven’t […]

Finding Grace

Finding Grace – Laura Pearl Last year I was delighted when I won a copy of Finding Grace written by my friend Laura. Most excitedly it arrived just in time to be tucked into my hospital bag along with the Tim Tams (chocolate coated biscuits). As all mummas know, essentials for a stay in the maternity […]

Families of Four Children

I’m really enjoying writing about larger than average families, so many books I’m adding to my ‘go back and re-read with the younger children’ pile.  Thanks also to your comments I’m hearing of new titles too:) keep the suggestions coming and at the conclusion of this series I’ll gather all your suggestions into one post. […]

Families Of Five Children

Last week I suggested several books about families with six children or more. There are many more books about larger than average families. Today’s post is focusing on families of five children. This begs the question, just what is average? I’m thinking when I complete my series on books about large families, I’ll share some […]

Families Of Six Plus Children

We are a book loving family and have discovered many family favourites over the years, books that have become entwined into our family memories and culture. Without fail when I pull an old favourite off the shelves to read to the next ‘set’, an older child will wander past and exclaim excitedly, “I remember that […]

Large Family Picture Books

Kendra’s sharing of her collection of picture books about large families, several of which we also enjoy, inspired me to search our boxes to see what further titles we had to add, happily I found several:) Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam – Cecilia Egan “A jolly king and queen had twenty-four daughters..” A hilariously funny […]