‘Traveling’ to Australia’s ‘Top End’

This week we ‘traveled’ to the Northern Territory. Unfortunately we were unable borrow the core book, Nardika Learns to Make a Spear by Chris Fry but we used all the extension books:) Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo – Alison Lester Ernie is a city boy who moves to the Arnhem Land for a year. He […]

We’re ‘Traveling Around Australia’

Today we started our ‘travels’ around Australia with the aid of Downunder’s Australian Book Traveler. An easy picture book tour of our nation. The first core Travel book is The Australia Book by Eve Pownall. This is a meaty book chock full of Australian history, we used it earlier in the year for our history […]

Ranger’s Apprentice Cloaks

Ranger’s Apprentice is all the rage here. As part of their Christmas gifts the older children received Ranger’s Apprentice cloaks. Originally I was inspired by Kimberlee’s Josiah’s cloaks but I made a few adaptions. For those keen like my friend Charlotte I’ll endeavour to explain how I made ours. 1- Measure from the top of […]

Author Fiesta – A month of Mem Fox

Last month we embarked upon the Author Fiesta party Cay is hosting. As previously shared the author for June and July is Mem Fox. For our family we have brought the party to a halt as, truthfully, we have run out of books. Borrowing from friends, the library and our own collection unearthed the following: […]

Author Fiesta – Patricia Polacco

Over at Author Fiesta Cay is hosting a Book Fiesta. Every month a favorite children’s author will be featured. For the month of May the author was Patricia Polacco. Cay kindly supplied us with a boolist of books by Polacco. Our library had three which we enjoyed reading, Applemando’s Dreams and and and we also […]

Redwall Abbey

For a number of years now the dc have been avid Redwall fans. Not only do we have the entire set of Brian Jacques’ books but they are collecting ‘extras’ as they each want their own set. A couple of years ago their friends also caught the Redwall bug. One holidays, friends decided to host […]