5 Board Books for Little Catholics

  As the commemoration of the Birth of Our Lord approaches, I’m confident many of you, like myself, are scouring sites looking for gift ideas, including book recommendations. Over the years we have discovered some treasures that I’d love to share with you. Board Books for Little Catholics is the first in a series of […]

7 Catholic Fiction Books For 7 – 12 Year Olds

Our home bulges with literally thousands of books, many of which have been gifted from my homeschooling mother’s collection and many from local book sales in which children’s books are free! We are extremely blessed to own many treasures but the one genre we’ve had to consciously seek out and purchase books for is, Catholic […]

Books Read Aloud – June & July, 2016

I’ve only a few read aloud books to share for the past two months, partly because we took a break from reading over the school holidays and partly our list is incomplete due to patchy record keeping. As always we have a two/three books being simultaneously read due to our children’s wide age spread, though there […]

Books Read Aloud – January Thru May, 2016

Each month I have intentions of writing and sharing scintillating reviews of the books I’ve read that month, the embarrassing truth though is, the sheer amount of books I devour is daunting so I abandon my post midway and return to reading. Perhaps I should adopt Modern Mrs Darcy’s approach and share, “three books I love, one I […]

Catholic Picture Books – April

We love celebrating the liturgical year through reading books, an easy and memorable way. We are blessed to have collected many books of various saints; short stories, chapter books and picture books. Sharing our picture book collection for the month of April, which is admittedly rather small, if you know of any others to recommend […]

Which Noah’s Ark Book?

We are blessed to own three copies of Noah’s Ark, which I have purchased on the recommendations of friends. All excellent selections, though if I had to name my personal favourite it would be Jerry Pinkney’s. Though I highly recommend all three titles. Noah’s Ark – Peter Spier I absolutely love Spier’s illustrations and writing in […]

Catholic Fiction For Young Adults

I’m always searching for quality literature and always excited to discover any Catholic fiction novels. Over the last month I’ve had the opportunity to read three Catholic novels particularly appealing to young ladies and loved all three! Which is impressive odds, as I read alot I can be a tough sell, rarely does a book […]

Mega List of Catholic Picture Books

Reading picture books together is not only enjoyable, is it an easy way to enhance our children’s Faith, one of my favourite pastimes with our children. I’d like to share our collection of Faith books with you, this list focuses mainly on Saints picture books with a miscellaneous round up at the end. I haven’t […]