Fantasy Books for Boys

Fantasy titles today abound on the shelves of bookstores and libraries.  As parents who endeavour to guide and help our readers learn discernment and with a child who has loved fantasy since he first read LOTR aged 10, we have journeyed down an unknown road, at times taking unexpected turns. Writing this post has been challenging as fantasy […]

New Release! Ranger’s Apprentice

There has been great excitement in out house, Australian writer John Flanagan has published his eighth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series. “Set in the mythical land of Araluen, the series follows the adventures of Will, a small and lively 15 year old boy living in medieval Castle Redmont. Rejected for training as a warrior-knight, […]

Koala has read her 60 Books!!

Koala has finished her bookworm! As I shared previously she had to read 60, it sounds like alot, but well, she is a speed reader and an incredibly voracious reader so it seemed fairly comparable to the boys’ target. Due to my rules, she has only just completed her target, truth be told in this […]