Books Read Aloud – January Thru May, 2016

Each month I have intentions of writing and sharing scintillating reviews of the books I’ve read that month, the embarrassing truth though is, the sheer amount of books I devour is daunting so I abandon my post midway and return to reading. Perhaps I should adopt Modern Mrs Darcy’s approach and share, “three books I love, one I […]

Nature Picture Books for Little Ones

Whilst discovering a lovely selection of nature picture books for the older child recently we also discovered some treasures for the under 5s. In the Pond – Anna Milbourne The storyline follows a tadpole as it grows into a frog, encountering other pond life along the way; a fish, ducklings and dragonflies.  Text is simple but […]

Nature Picture Books for the 5 to 10s

As part of our Leap into Literature focus we recently discovered a whole slew of Nature picture titles, books of sufficient depth and interest for our 5-9yr olds. A Butterfly is Patient – Diana Hutts Ashton Charlotte’s alert had me checking our library and we were thrilled with this book.  Lots of informative information about butterflies accompanied by […]

Australian Picture Bird Books

Sharing some recent and not so recent picture bird book reads. Where’s my Mum – Susan Hall A lift the flap book, that takes the reader on a search as the baby bird looks for his mum.  We meet several Australian birds on the way. Surprisingly informative, lovely illustrations. Recommended. The Best Nest – Penny […]

Our Favourite Australian Bird Books

Many months ago I promised Katydid a post on our favourite living Australian bird books.  Katydid this post is dedicated to you, though alas as all our favourites are out of print I’m not sure how successful you will be in finding these in America. Also be sure to check out Jeanne’s list including one in print! […]