5 Board Books for Little Catholics

  As the commemoration of the Birth of Our Lord approaches, I’m confident many of you, like myself, are scouring sites looking for gift ideas, including book recommendations. Over the years we have discovered some treasures that I’d love to share with you. Board Books for Little Catholics is the first in a series of […]

Early Australia, Arrival and Settlement: Our Sunburnt Country

Last year I began a long intended project, to compile a list of Australian history living books organised in chronological order. I have organised the time periods around the chapters of Our Sunburnt Country, one of our favourite core books of Australian history and included recommendations of both picture and chapter books to accompany each chapter. This week a local friend asked for my recommendations […]

Our Sunburnt Country: European Discovery Of Australia

Our Sunburnt Country is one of our favourite core books of Australian history, it covers Australian History from pre-European contact through till the end of World War 2(see pg 7). As the consumption inclusion of living books form the basis of our learning I have collated a selection of complementary picture and chapter books to accompany each chapter of Our Sunburnt Country to […]

Our Sunburnt Country – Land Of The Dreamtime

One of the pleasures of blog writing is ‘meeting’ people I would otherwise have never ‘met’. I particularly love when readers email me and we end up striking up a friendship as Sherelle, a regular commenter and emailer from Queensland and I have. When Sherelle emailed me with a request for “ideas for complementary activities/worksheets to go with […]

Catholic Picture Books – April

We love celebrating the liturgical year through reading books, an easy and memorable way. We are blessed to have collected many books of various saints; short stories, chapter books and picture books. Sharing our picture book collection for the month of April, which is admittedly rather small, if you know of any others to recommend […]

ABC’s of Aboriginal Picture Book Authors

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about books, in particular Australian picture and chapter books. Sharing today an ABC list of authors who have focused their writing on Australia’s First Peoples, most of the authors are Indigenous, though some aren’t. We are familiar with some of the authors here, enjoying their books in the past, […]

The Emperor Who Built the Great Wall of China

When Jillian Lin asked me if I would like to review a copy of her new book The Emperor Who Built the Great Wall of China, I was intrigued by the subject matter, and highly honoured as is the first time I’ve been approached by an author to review her book. (Though I have been asked […]

Mega List of Catholic Picture Books

Reading picture books together is not only enjoyable, is it an easy way to enhance our children’s Faith, one of my favourite pastimes with our children. I’d like to share our collection of Faith books with you, this list focuses mainly on Saints picture books with a miscellaneous round up at the end. I haven’t […]