Large Family Picture Books

Kendra’s sharing of her collection of picture books about large families, several of which we also enjoy, inspired me to search our boxes to see what further titles we had to add, happily I found several:) Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam – Cecilia Egan “A jolly king and queen had twenty-four daughters..” A hilariously funny […]

Catholic Picture Books – March

An easy way to celebrate the liturgical year is through reading books. We are blessed to have collected many stories of various saints, mostly short stories and chapter books.  Slowly our picture book collection is growing including a few saints stories. Sharing here our collection for the month of March, if you know of any […]

Catholic Picture Books – Life of a Saint Series

Slowly we are building a wonderful collection of quality picture books to encourage the children to know and love their Faith.   Recently we purchased four books from the Life of a Saint Series, published by Ignatius/Magnificat.   I highly recommend this series!! 5 star quality,  ‘meaty’ and accurate with lovely watercolour illustrations. They are […]

World War 2 – Persecution and Internment Camps

 *Denotes book is from our local library for the benefit of my local readers. *Hiding from the Nazis – David Adler The true story of a young girl who was ‘hidden’ with a Christian family in Holland during the Nazi occupation of WW2.  Lore Baer’s family had escaped Germany a few years before and believed […]

Fashion History

Different Like Coco – Elizabeth Matthews Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel was always different; poor, skinny and an orphan and she turned that difference to an advantage. Creative with sewing skills she began making clothes that suited her figure, and soon a new generation of independent working women craved her sleek, comfortable designs.  She revolutionised the fashion […]

A True Story From Afghanistan

Nasreen’s Secret School – Jeanette Winter Based on a true story, set in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, in 1996-2001.  Nasreen’s parents are taken away by the Taliban and she stops speaking. Her grandmother desperately enrolls her in a secret school for girls.  A new friend, a devoted teacher and the world of books finally […]

Migrant/Refugee Picture Books

Ziba Came on a Boat – Liz Lofthouse Based on actual events, a moving story of a little girl whose family has lost everything.  Ziba, her mother and other women and children from her tiny village escape the war in Afghanistan by travelling on an overcrowded fishing boat to a new land, a new life […]