Our Favourite Australian Bird Books

Many months ago I promised Katydid a post on our favourite living Australian bird books.  Katydid this post is dedicated to you, though alas as all our favourites are out of print I’m not sure how successful you will be in finding these in America. Also be sure to check out Jeanne’s list including one in print! […]

Conception to Birth – Books

Questions often follow the announcement of an expected sibling in our home.  Questions about conception, the baby’s development and impending birth.   Sometimes the children are too young to remember our previous answers and sometimes they are simply wanting reminding or more depth appropriate to their age development.  A sibling’s birth is a wonderful opportunity to revisit […]

Term in Review – ‘Triffic Thursday

This term we delved a little into Space, truly it is such a vast topic. The best books we found on the topic were by Seymour Simon. The information is fascinating and informative and the layout with eyecatching pictures makes his books an enjoyable read. The Stars The Sun and Destination: Jupiter gave us our […]