Happy Birthday Anna Maria

Happy Birthday Anna Maria. Nineteen years ago you were born only a few days before Father’s Day, your Dad was so proud to be eligible for his first Father’s Day. The following years have bought forth many more proud moments.  You are an incredibly impressive young woman, your talents, your strength of character and the beauty of your […]

Three Birthdays in Seven Days!

A little more than a fortnight ago we were blessed to once again celebrate our annual mega birthday week (as opposed to our mini birthday week). First celebration was for our gorgeous Jelly Bean.  We can hardly believe that our youngest daughter is 8!! rather bittersweet.  Catch that smile, our Jelly Bean is a bit of […]

Mini Birthday Week

We’ve been celebrating our Mini Birthday Week. Last week we celebrated Bass’ 1st Birthday.  We can hardly believe he is one already!!  He truly is a delightful baby, so very happy and confident in the knowledge that he is deeply loved. This week we celebrate Einstein’s 15th Birthday.  Where have the years flown?  He has […]

It’s My Party – Four Decades!!

This week I celebrated my 40th birthday!!!  Two days prior PC celebrated his birthday:):) PC totally spoilt me with our first brand new lounge!  A leather lounge!! which we can all sit together on:)  Words can’t express how much I enjoy this lounge. PC also delighted me with a trip away for a day and two nights […]