2019: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ­čÖé May 2019 bring you many blessings. Well we’ve had the laziest start to the New Year; late nights, late mornings, loads of reading, jigsaw ‘battles’, board games, floating away hours in our new little pool, days by the River, essentially the perfect recipe for Summer days, recharging from an epic year […]

2018: A Year in Review

So hard to believe we’re already in 2019! Before we move forward towards the New Year let’s have a quick recap of the Old Year, like all years since forever it was jam packed with life. My new refrain is ‘boring is great, I love boring’ though there were not many boring moments in 2018.┬á┬áIt […]

2017: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ! May 2017 bring you many blessings. It’s the┬áNew Year already with plenty of fresh possibilities and like many I’ve been considering My Word for the New Year.   My Word for 2017┬áis Intentional. Intentional, particularly about my use of time which then flows on to so many other areas; relationships, parenting, […]

2016: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ! A New Year always comes with exciting possibilities or perhaps new challenges, depends on how we interpret it ­čśë It’s been so long since I’ve managed to have a chat with you. Life indeed has been bursting and overflowing. We’ve achieved so much living in the last month and I’m looking […]

14 Things I Learnt in 2014

I know I’ve already shared a few reflections about 2014, but when I read Gina’s 14 Things I Learnt in 2014 (thanks for the HT: Theresa) I couldn’t resist joining the fun. Yes I know her post really says Learned but that’s American speak, I was compelled to change the wording to English, so Learnt it […]

10 Reflections on 2014

The conclusion of a year always brings forth reflections on the closing year for me, I tend to think along the lines of ‘what do I take from the old to the new year’. Maxabella has posed several reflection questions which I thought worth pondering upon. 1. What word do you think best summed up 2014? […]

2014: Word, Goals

Happy New Year!! A New Year, full of new possibilities, new opportunities, new experiences all waiting to unfurl. A New Year always brings with it the thought of fresh starts, a chance to begin again. Yet are we really beginning anew? It’s rather difficult when we aren’t starting with a blank slate, we travel into […]