Happy New Year, 2013

Happy New Year to al!!l:) A New Year is an exciting event, a blank canvas awaiting the opportunity of new possibilities with a chance to re-write the script.  The last couple of days I’ve been reflecting on the year passed and mulling with fresh resolve for the New Year unfolding.  As in years past I’ve spent […]

Happy New Year, 2012

Every New Year for the last three years, I have chosen a Word that helps me focus on an area of importance throughout the year.  Glancing back over the words of the last few years I see; Savour/Treasure/Memories and Habits/Self-Discipline, note, two common threads here.   I had been thinking ‘In the Moment’ for 2012 but tonight when I […]

New Year’s Party Invitation

Happy New Year:) Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends, in fact this has been our tradition for the past nine years. Our partying originally started with three families and between us we rotate hosting an annual Christmas party (usually the 20th) and New Year Eve’s party. Over the years our circle has […]