Walls Are Up!

It is mid winter here, so having no external walls on our kitchen created a strong desire to build the framing and get those walls up ‘post haste’. To this end PC ‘burnt the candles at both ends’ last week, arriving home after work only to turn his hand to building. His ability to create and solve […]

An Unimpeded View

The weekend before last we began the next phase of our kitchen renovations. After impatiently patiently waiting for weeks our windows finally arrived. Before installing the windows, the external walls of the kitchen needed to be removed so new wall frames to include the windows could be built. Stripping walls back to their studs in our ‘old’ house is […]

An Improved Appearance

  As last year drew to a conclusion we embarked upon a mammoth month; preparing for and undertaking re-roofing our ‘old house,’ then a whirlwind of events taking us from home, including our oldest Son’s College Graduation, Christmas and holidaying in Sydney. Whilst we were away the two windows for the ‘new’ front wall were delivered. Once […]

Roof Completed!

Finally after two long, challenging weeks our roofing is complete! Through days of alternating 40C/104F temperatures and rains we persevered and made it through. Our old house/new house is no longer, it is all one house externally. I’ve already shared the ‘chronicles’ and now for the conclusion. Beams In Place Demolishing The Front Of The […]

First Stretch of Iron On

We are owner builders, we’ve been building our home for six years now.  Last week we began re-roofing our ‘old house’ though the intense heat of 40C/104F and then the rains have made this major project difficult but we have persevered. I’ve been keeping a record of our ‘chronicles’, so continuing the story. The previous chronicles […]

Trusses Are On!

We are currently re-roofing our ‘old house’. Chronicling the days here for us to remember and for you, those keen to know the details.  Thus far in chronological order we have; Beams In Place Demolishing The Front Of The House Walls Go Up, Roof Comes Down Thursday & Friday As Thursday was forecasted to be yet another […]

Walls Go Up, Roof Comes Down

*Continuing the chronicles of this week as we re-roof our ‘old house’. Tuesday & Wednesday After demolishing the front of our house, the next task was to install the front wall frame and pull down the existing roof. We began this task Monday afternoon only to run into our first ‘glitch’, besides the intense heat and rain […]

Demolishing The Front of The House

The long, anticipated week has finally arrived, we are re-roofing our ‘old’ house!  The wall frames and trusses have arrived, the beam is in position and only light rain is predicated. In preparation we moved four rooms of belongings, including 8000 books into the other end of the house. PC took the week off work and we are forging […]