Beams in Place

Building work on the roof has begun in earnest, firstly however preparations had to be completed. PC measured, cut and painted these posts in readiness for the beam to go up, the beam will be load bearing for the trusses. Working with old houses is never smooth sailing, it took time for PC to find the point […]

Chances Of Roofing Have Improved

You know for certain that ‘it’s really going to happen’ when the materials start arriving:):) Front wall here, ready made for speed. The walls all have to be ‘built up’ higher to match. Always soo exciting when you can see the next stage of a project is closer to being a reality. Though beginning to […]

Demolishing the Old Laundry

Finally the big day for which we’d been long working towards arrived, the day to pull down our old laundry, this will be replaced with a verandah, thus wrapping our verandah from one end of the house to the other. There were many eager hands to help with the demolition even the youngest two insisted […]

Verandah With A View

We’ve just completed a major building project, the addition of a verandah running the length of the house. Let’s travel back to see where we started. In August 2012 we began laying out the bearers and joists. We ‘divided’ the verandah in half, and nailed and bolted down the foundations.  Then began laying the boards. Carpenter had […]

Roof Line Changes

      Last month we completed another major project,  replacing the temporary skillion (flat) roof between the ‘two houses’.             As with many projects, one task needs to be completed before another can begin. The deck had to be laid so the posts could be go up,       the edge […]

A Real House!

On Saturday we were rather excited to begin painting the front exterior wall, our biggest expanse of wall, and the first noted as you travel down the driveway. The warm tones look far more inviting than the white undercoat The time passed quickly with the lovely company Our next decision is, what colour to paint […]

All Covered Up

With two exterior walls successfully painted we moved onto painting the walls surrounding the deck. With only two short walls and large glass doors, each coat only took an hour and a half. Once again I had the help of team Michelangelo and Princess. The above blue area is waiting for the roof trusses which will […]