Watching Paint Dry

With the decking completed on the end verandah we no longer had any impediments to painting the eaves and wall on the northside. The past weekend saw a primer coat on the eaves fortunately the team were in high spirits and set to work in a spirit of high jinks. By the end of the afternoon they had […]

Stairway To Heaven

Every night last week, until all hours PC has been tinkering in the shed, welding, grinding and painting.  His latest undertaking has been designing and welding stair frames.  His first welding project in years, I confess to being rather impressed. The treads are crafted from our own timber matching in neatly with the verandah timber. […]

Exploding Verandahs

Following our decking success and keeping the momentum flowing we began laying the end verandah last Monday (Public Holiday). It was wet, windy and cold but ‘the team’ persevered despite difficult conditions. At the beginning it took some time to establish (it always does …  I’m told if we want to do it right…) but then the pace ‘picked up.’ […]

All Decked Out

Seven months ago in November we began work on the foundations of our deck.  The deck unites the ‘two houses’ together, it is the central meeting spot. Carpenter discovered a love of brick laying and happily enjoyed adding another building skill to his repertoire. We were disconcerted by a seemingly insurmountable problem, the existing house foundation pier clashed for space […]

Trench Digging

When we realised we needed to dig 40metres of trenches for piping; storm water and sewage, hiring a digger was the obvious choice. When we rang to book the digger the machine was only available between 9am-4pm. The pressure was on. Fortunately as it hadn’t rained the digging went more quickly than we estimated. Prior […]

The North End

We have finally moved the cupboards off the northern verandah, out of the weather where they have been getting damaged. They now reside in our dining room.  All rather squishy in there:) The rain gutters on the end of the house are hung, a bigger rain catchment for the tank. The downpipes construction is temporary but […]

The Steady, Soaking Rain

…….But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady, soaking rain……….. (My Country; Dorothea Mackellar) Our latest building focus has been installing guttering onto the front of the house. The boys have been digging trenches under the house each afternoon for the pipe.  Even receiving help […]