Beginning Building Work Anew

It has been months since we joined the two houses together, and yet we never finished cladding that section.  With PC’s CPA studies finally completed, it is time to begin extension work again. With some help from ‘the team’ the front wall was completed in a day. I particularly like how PC managed to continue the boards in a continuous […]

No More ‘Big House’ and ‘Little House’

Last August we laid a walkway  between the ‘big house’ and the ‘little house’.  Boxing Day we began the task of making one house, this area will be our new kitchen and dining area. The carport had to be removed first, we were rather hampered by the rain and the weather forecast predicted rain for […]

Completing A Few Major Projects

The last couple of weeks have seen the completion of a few major projects. PC was pleased to finally begin and complete roofing the portico. He was rather surprised to discover it didn’t take as long as expected. Rain no longer comes into the front room:) Cladding the exterior of the house, begun weeks ago […]

Chipping Tree Tops, Filling Piers

When the snigger cut the logs he left the tree tops. Deciding to use as much of the tree as possible we hired a chipper for the weekend. All branches under 100mm were cut off. We spent the weekend cutting and feeding the chipper. The heat was pretty incredible so for a large parts of […]

Footings Poured, Piers Begun

* We’re sad to report we continued to lose photos:( Memory Disc has now been consigned to the bin. Tuesday morning was high excitement, it was the day of the footing pour. The cement truck arrived at 10:00am, it was happening! Thank goodness for the help of a couple of mates, Ug and Murray. They […]

The First Sod is Turned

5.30am Thursday morning saw PC and I out finishing off the pier marking. At regular intervals we sprayed crosses on the ground in preparation for the digging Friday morning. Thursday afternoon saw us in a bit of a spin as we hadn’t get received construction approval from Council (this is extra to the DA approval) […]

Building Preparation Continues

Last weekend hit with high temperatures of 37Celsius(98.6F)despite this, work continued. We are very pleased that we purchased a 15 litre cooler or we would have been dehydrated. The first job was to alter the carport to allow room for the dingo to dig the pier footings. The front tin was removed and a post […]