Kitchen Coming Together

‘Behind the scenes’ here, kitchen progress has been moving along. ¬†Two weeks ago our cabinet makers delivered our flat pack, oh the excitement! First task was sorting and matching cabinet pieces, rather a large task undertaking that Michelangelo(17) took care of. Bass(5) was excited to be given the job of sorting the huge pile of […]

Painting Up A Storm

We’ve been ‘painting up a storm’ here this week. Preparing our¬†kitchen space in anticipation for the arrival of the flat pack¬†has meant not only one room needed to be painted but three, the kitchen and the rooms that ‘flow on’, the dining and learning rooms. ¬†Bass(5) was so eager to assist that we decided he […]

Kitchen Takes Shape

The countdown is on as the arrival of our flatpack has been promised for next week, therefore our energies have been firmly on¬†kitchen renovations and making final kitchen choices. ETA: A¬†flat pack is when the cabinet maker draws up the plans and then cuts all the pieces for the kitchen and we then assemble it. […]

Walls Are Up!

It is mid winter here, so having no external walls on our kitchen¬†created a strong desire to build the framing¬†and get those walls up ‘post haste’. To this end PC ‘burnt the candles at both ends’ last week, arriving home after work only to turn his hand to building. His ability to create and solve […]

An Unimpeded View

The weekend before last we began¬†the next phase of our kitchen renovations. After impatiently patiently waiting for weeks our windows finally¬†arrived. Before installing the windows, the external walls of the kitchen needed to be removed so¬†new wall frames to include¬†the windows could be built. Stripping walls back to their studs in our ‘old’ house is […]

‘And The Wall Came Tumblin’ Down’

I haven’t chatted building here for awhile but be assured that progress is happening. We’ve turned our attention to a major project, building our new kitchen. ¬†Just imagine me beaming here ūüôā Part of the new kitchen plan is to change from a boxy room layout to an open living plan. Hence six weeks ago […]