Roof Finished, Milling Decking

I’ve been rather quiet on updating progress, but we have still been working. Sarking has been nailed on, this is the sight out of my kitchen window. This weekend we were determined to finish the roof, so many ‘not quite finished’ jobs were burdensome. We, well PC and Koala finished the end of the hip […]

Taking Shape

Being a builder’s assistant doesn’t mean one can’t dress prettily. It doesn’t hinder the ability to work at all:) Due to rain progress on roofing the end section has slowed. Although we did manage to nail down the sarking and battens. (It’s currently covered with a tarp and I forgot to take photos beforehand) We […]

Progress Made During the Week

Progress made during the week included, PC putting the antcaps on the piers. For my overseas readers as I’m suspecting this is an Australian phenomenon, The first step in protecting a house is to prevent termites from gaining access. This is achieved by placing a barrier under or around the house. Thursday the iron and […]

Chipping Tree Tops, Filling Piers

When the snigger cut the logs he left the tree tops. Deciding to use as much of the tree as possible we hired a chipper for the weekend. All branches under 100mm were cut off. We spent the weekend cutting and feeding the chipper. The heat was pretty incredible so for a large parts of […]