Painting Up A Storm

We’ve been ‘painting up a storm’ here this week. Preparing our kitchen space in anticipation for the arrival of the flat pack has meant not only one room needed to be painted but three, the kitchen and the rooms that ‘flow on’, the dining and learning rooms.  Bass(5) was so eager to assist that we decided he […]

Kitchen Takes Shape

The countdown is on as the arrival of our flatpack has been promised for next week, therefore our energies have been firmly on kitchen renovations and making final kitchen choices. ETA: A flat pack is when the cabinet maker draws up the plans and then cuts all the pieces for the kitchen and we then assemble it. […]

Our Library Taking Shape

Building work has continued here over the past few weeks. After gutting much of our ‘old’ house and building new walls, we then turned our attention to building and completing our new library. First we installed the insulation, a necessity in the hot summer months of Australia and also appreciated in the winter. Purchasing insulation […]

Ensuite Awaitin’

Over the past year we have been making progress towards having our bathrooms and laundry ‘up and functioning’. In the last few weeks the pace has picked up rapidly and it will soon be a reality!!:):) We began work on our ensuite months ago, PC has worked so hard on all the tiling, I’m immensely […]

Laundry Completed!

We’ve finished the laundry!!!!:):)  Building your house yourselves can be disheartening at times, you spent weeks feeling as if you are  getting no-where, then all of a sudden several projects seem to wrap up simultaneously.  First the bathroom was completed and now the laundry:) I’m afraid I was a poor photographer for the laundry project, […]

Main Bathroom Thus Far

Whilst it’s been ages since I’ve updated you with our extensions, be assured that work has been happening, albeit slowly. We had intended to tile over Christmas, however PC spent the first three months of Bella’s life gazing, goo-ing and gushing about how beautiful she was, as besotted as any first time Dad. So our […]

Great Hall and Hallway, Plastered & Painted

Plastering the hallway and Great Hall (dining/kitchen area) has taken many, many months to complete. It wasn’t a high priority, considered a ‘wet weather job’, so many other projects were rated higher, and achieved first.  We plastered a wall in the Great Hall in January 2011 when my brother visited and taught us how plaster.  Then […]