A Real House!

On Saturday we were rather excited to begin painting the front exterior wall, our biggest expanse of wall, and the first noted as you travel down the driveway. The warm tones look far more inviting than the white undercoat The time passed quickly with the lovely company Our next decision is, what colour to paint […]

All Covered Up

With two exterior walls successfully painted we moved onto painting the walls surrounding the deck. With only two short walls and large glass doors, each coat only took an hour and a half. Once again I had the help of team Michelangelo and Princess. The above blue area is waiting for the roof trusses which will […]

Watching Paint Dry

With the decking completed on the end verandah we no longer had any impediments to painting the eaves and wall on the northside. The past weekend saw a primer coat on the eaves fortunately the team were in high spirits and set to work in a spirit of high jinks. By the end of the afternoon they had […]

Parents Retreat: A Fresh Look

We were  very pleased to begin plastering our room.  For many months we have looked at dull gyprock sheets. Ours was the last bedroom to be plastered and painted.  This was an exciting moment. Once the slower job of plastering and cornices was done, the application of paint went quickly. We were then able to […]

A Room of His Own

This year Carpenter has been expressing a strong need to have his own study area, complete with a desk.  I was determined to help him find ‘his spot’. When my teen expresses a desire to commit to his study, I can’t help but respond. Searching for and rejecting a few spots, I suggested a sunny nook […]