Library Receives Its Makeover

Once we’d completed sheeting and plastering our new library walls, next task up was painting. It’s currently school holidays here in NSW so this was a task the children and I could tackle mid-week. Jem (7) was keen to help, so once I’d given him a few basic tips on how to ‘cut in’ the bottom edge […]

Our Library Taking Shape

Building work has continued here over the past few weeks. After gutting much of our ‘old’ house and building new walls, we then turned our attention to building and completing our new library. First we installed the insulation, a necessity in the hot summer months of Australia and also appreciated in the winter. Purchasing insulation […]

Tearing Down Walls and Building Anew

  The weekend before last we gutted a couple of walls in the ‘old’ house; a wall at the foreground and the wall to the right of this ‘yellow’ wall.  Last weekend our task was to remove the ‘yellow’ wall, strip the lining off the wall beyond, then build a frame for this area which will […]

Gutting Our Home

  Beginning a new building project involves a certain amount of logistical juggling, sometimes it means before one project is completed you need to switch to another task and complete it first. Thus it was when we recently began installing our front windows, preparing to install the second window we realised we needed to switch focus immediately. […]

Roof Completed!

Finally after two long, challenging weeks our roofing is complete! Through days of alternating 40C/104F temperatures and rains we persevered and made it through. Our old house/new house is no longer, it is all one house externally. I’ve already shared the ‘chronicles’ and now for the conclusion. Beams In Place Demolishing The Front Of The […]

Trusses Are On!

We are currently re-roofing our ‘old house’. Chronicling the days here for us to remember and for you, those keen to know the details.  Thus far in chronological order we have; Beams In Place Demolishing The Front Of The House Walls Go Up, Roof Comes Down Thursday & Friday As Thursday was forecasted to be yet another […]

Demolishing The Front of The House

The long, anticipated week has finally arrived, we are re-roofing our ‘old’ house!  The wall frames and trusses have arrived, the beam is in position and only light rain is predicated. In preparation we moved four rooms of belongings, including 8000 books into the other end of the house. PC took the week off work and we are forging […]

Demolishing the Old Laundry

Finally the big day for which we’d been long working towards arrived, the day to pull down our old laundry, this will be replaced with a verandah, thus wrapping our verandah from one end of the house to the other. There were many eager hands to help with the demolition even the youngest two insisted […]