The Roofing Iron Goes On

Progress has slowed way down; by Thursday last week PC was ‘knackered,’ he went back to work for a rest. (He works for council;) On the weekend we finally managed to line the roof with sarking. Having a hip roof has slowed progress down dramatically as PC follows the truss plan. It’s a bit of […]

The Walls Are Finished !

We were up bright and early Thursday morning to start the walls, anxiously keeping one eye on the weather. We had lost Wednesday to rain (So far we’ve had 104mm this last week 4inches for our international cousins). Having the boys help has made an enormous difference to what we otherwise would have achieved. They […]

Rain, Rain Go Away

We continued today laying the flooring sheets. The rain is definitely hindering progress. Once again we worked in between the deluges, covering the floor with tarps as the clouds hovered above. The weather was far more co-operative though than yesterday and we had bigger stretches of time. By 8pm the strip along the back of […]

The Boys Have Arrived!

The boys have arrived and we have started laying the flooring. Continual rain though is drastically slowing progress. In between the rains we glued and nailed the sheeting down. Progress is slow though as we have to keep covering the beams and sheets with tarps. Unfortunately rain is predicated for a large part of the […]