Plumbing – Roughing In

Exciting moments here!!  We have had the plumber in and the the roughing in has been completed; bathroom, powder room, toilet, ensuite and laundry are now ready to be sheeted. Just imagine the luxury of having more than one shower, the fun of having real wet area rooms.  It looks more and more like a ‘proper house’:):)

Trench Digging

When we realised we needed to dig 40metres of trenches for piping; storm water and sewage, hiring a digger was the obvious choice. When we rang to book the digger the machine was only available between 9am-4pm. The pressure was on. Fortunately as it hadn’t rained the digging went more quickly than we estimated. Prior […]

The Steady, Soaking Rain

…….But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady, soaking rain……….. (My Country; Dorothea Mackellar) Our latest building focus has been installing guttering onto the front of the house. The boys have been digging trenches under the house each afternoon for the pipe.  Even receiving help […]