Completing Floor Salvage

Monday last week we received a phone call to say the timber salvaging needed to be finished by the weekend and all timber removed.  As we had plans to be away for the weekend we were in at the School this week working from 4pm until 8.30pm each night. Flooring still had to be pulled […]

Salvaging Timber Flooring

PC and Team have spent days over the last three weeks salvaging timber flooring for our extensions.  Our local Convent (to the right, Church is in the background) is dismantling their old School (picture taken from the School looking out over the rooftops.) Remember my find of blackboards and corkboards? During that visit it occurred […]

Enough Shelving?

A couple of weekends back we scored a blackboard($20!!) at the Convent school garage sale:) Currently it sits in the shed awaiting the renovation of the Learning Room:) There were other items of interest left in the abandoned classrooms. Six cupboards of 12 metre lengths each.  PC and I gave serious consideration to purchasing these, […]

The Two Became One

This past weekend we picked up hammers and began work again on the house building. It was time to join the ‘two houses’ together. First the bearers had to be bolted down. Then the joists were added. With a lot of help from the ‘work crew’. We then removed the window on the ‘little house’ […]

City Cousins Come to Visit

Last Weekend we were blessed to have PC’s brother, wife and children visit for four days:) We were very excited as they have never stayed with us before. Every day the children played from dawn till well after dusk. Country cousins introduced their city cousin to the delights of mud cuisine and making homemade lemonade […]

Completing A Few Major Projects

The last couple of weeks have seen the completion of a few major projects. PC was pleased to finally begin and complete roofing the portico. He was rather surprised to discover it didn’t take as long as expected. Rain no longer comes into the front room:) Cladding the exterior of the house, begun weeks ago […]

Children Move In

Tuesday the long awaited day arrived, the children moved in!! Koala has the first bedroom. As the rooms have yet to be plastered and painted they have only taken over the basics. For Koala this means not only a bed but a bookcase too. She is very pleased to have her own room after three […]