Father ‘Meranti’

Two years ago I was totally inspired by Jennifer’s Fr Oak, not only the craftmanship of the materials but the whole concept behind Father Oak. To help focus the children’s attention on the liturgical year in a visible and tangible manner. Everyday the children change the vestments of the ‘priest’ in conjunction with the liturgical […]

Catholic Home School Camp – Departure

Day 5 The last day arrives, as much as you wish to avoid the day of departure it relentlessly comes. Morning Mass is earlier, before breakfast. The Chapel has to be packed up, cabins emptied and clean, dining hall cleaned etc. Many have a long trip ahead of them, for some a ten hour drive, […]

Catholic Homeschool Camp – Day 4

Day 4 We woke up Thursday to the most beautiful weather, as a morning at the beach was planned this was fantastic. After morning Mass we headed to the beach. Today we were running novelty events on the beach. Fun events such as three-legged races and ‘backwards’ races. Popular with all the children although the […]

Catholic Homeschool Camp – Day 3

Day 3 Wednesday dawns, the weather is beautiful, perfect for a day at the beach. The day starts with Mass. Today my boys are blessed to serve. Then we head to the beach for the morning. I’m afraid I took no pictures of the beach as I was afraid of getting sand in the lenses. […]

Homeschool Confirmation/ FHC Mass, Einstein’s Big Day

Day 2 Tuesday dawned, the BIG day, and Our Lady’s Birthday. For the past seven years the homeschool children of our diocese have made their First Holy Communion and Confirmation at our Homeschool Camp Mass. All of my children have made their sacraments thus far, with our Bishop, within their homeschool community. (except Koala made […]

Our Annual Catholic Homeschool Camp & Confirmation

Day 1 Last week saw us once again heading to the beach for a week of fun and faith with our families. It was the eighth year that we have c0-hosted the camp. We arrived Monday, before lunch. We have the same cabin as last year, we unload and hurry off to catch up with […]