Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales: Anseo A Thagann Sí

Three short days and our precious Anna Maria(21) boards a plane and heads off on an adventure of a life time. She lands in Dublin and then begins her travels throughout Ireland; then later on Scotland, England and Wales. Three months living and working in Ireland and the UK will be a wonderful experience and […]

Library Opening Day Finally Arrives!

Finally “No more sleeps”, the long awaited day arrived yesterday.  Our town’s brand new library is open.  Jelly Bean and Jem had the distinction of being the first members of the public through the doors too! With the other children following closely. We immediately headed to the children’s section.  Light, spacious and inviting.  No longer […]

A Portrait a Week – September 16th Edition

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013 1. First Holy Communion Day for our Jack Jack 2. Confirmation Day for our Jelly Bean 3. Confirmation Day for our Princess 4. Our three Sacramental children with Dad and Mum   5. All together:) Joining in with Che and Fidel this week.

Our Tapestry of Sorrow and Healing

Ten years ago we began our journey along the Via Dolorosa, not a road we would have willingly choosen,  the pain was intense and yet from the suffering our relationship with Our Lord changed and intensified, He does indeed carry you. Admidst our pain we were also blessed with incredibly precious moments. Ten years ago […]