Happy 18th Carpenter

Happy 18th Carpenter{{{}}} Words simply cannot express how proud we are of the young man you have become and the direction you are taking. ¬†In the last several months you have matured immensely, a door opened for you and you stepped forth in Faith, leaving home and beginning College. ¬†You have impressed us with the […]

Calendar Countdown!!

Many families at this time of the year are marking down their Advent calendars.  We however, aren’t focused on Advent calendars ’cause we’re busy marking down the days until Anna Maria arrives home. Three days till she is here!!!!!! It has been a long year without her, five long months since she was home.  Safe […]

Whilst Refereeing…..

Within a few short weeks we will see the conclusion of Einstein’s second year as a soccer referee.  Einstein is our third child to become a referee and we have found this opportunity to be of immense value for him as we have with his older siblings.  He has grown in confidence, organisation and maturity. During dinner last Saturday he entertained us […]

Southern Friends Come North

This past week we were blessed with a couple of visitors from down South.  It became an incredibly busy and unusual week.  In our time honoured tradition of hosting guests we put them to work, in this case laying a verandah. Whilst Daniel spent a couple of days building, Jessica happily attended our usual Saturday morning soccer games […]

Carpenter Gains Control of the Wheels

Yesterday Carpenter underwent testing for his Provisional Driver’s License and he passed!!!   He is rather ecstatic and so are we:) Here in New South Wales to be eligible for receiving your Ps you have to be 17yrs and to log 120 hours driving with a ‘supervised driver'(generally a parent) and of course you need to pass your driving test.  This is […]