Just ‘Cause

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Sharing some photos of Bass just ’cause he is so gorgeous:) I realise these are so many but I just couldn’t choose between them they capture him so well Happy, happy boy:) So alert. Totally loved by siblings. So they … Continued

Hosting a LAN Party

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Our boys hosted their second LAN party this week.  A family tradition introduced by their Uncle K who used to run a business hosting LAN ‘Bashes.’ On Wednesday five (extra) boys arrived toting their computers. They plugged into a 16 portal hub, networked up … Continued

Shameless Bragging

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PC has finished all his exams!!  For the past three years my awesome husband has been undertaking further studies, to obtain his CPA Accountant certification. This Professional citation will open further doors in the business world.  He still has to … Continued

Our Handsome Little Man

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Sharing photos of Bass. 7 weeks old, weighing 5.7kg and already wearing 00s. He is very placid, grants us big smiles and brings us great delight:) One small cry as he awakens and the children rush to pick him up. … Continued

Koala Has Her License!!!

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Koala undertook her Provisional Driving Test yesterday; and she passed!!!! Look at that beaming smile:)  She can now drive unsupervised and in her own car too. Look out world! Off to town on her own, for the first time. Bittersweet … Continued

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