Our Handsome Little Man

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Sharing photos of Bass. 7 weeks old, weighing 5.7kg and already wearing 00s. He is very placid, grants us big smiles and brings us great delight:) One small cry as he awakens and the children rush to pick him up. … Continued

Koala Has Her License!!!

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Koala undertook her Provisional Driving Test yesterday; and she passed!!!! Look at that beaming smile:)  She can now drive unsupervised and in her own car too. Look out world! Off to town on her own, for the first time. Bittersweet … Continued

My Grandmother’s Faith

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I’ve been reminiscing lately about my grandmother, Veronica Mary, whom we lost and Heaven gained two years ago today. It is a precious gift on this anniversary of my beloved grandmother to be the cannonisation day of our beloved Mary … Continued

Then There Were Nine

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The Advent of Autumn is eagerly looked forward to in our home this year.   Autumn heralds the arrival of a new little Gift from God:) Baby is due to arrive on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25th. We are … Continued

The Fun Continued

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After camp we were blessed to have the Maher family from South Australia come back and stay with us for a few days:) The fun continued, the Maher’s were simply the easiest guests, the children visited so well together not … Continued

Our Local Fun Run

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Last weekend four of our children ran in our local fun run. Last year all six older children participated but this year we didn’t train. (Last year the three boys ran 5km) For this reason they opted to only run … Continued

Shamelessly Asking for Votes

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Our niece Jennifer has entered a modeling competition this year and made it into the grand final!! Wow, so impressive. This will be held in Sydney on 27th Sept. Part of the competition is via online voting. So shameless aunt … Continued

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