Whole 30, Week 1 – Menu

One of the most difficult challenges in changing a diet/lifestyle is the organisation and for a large family it may indeed seem overwhelming.  Reading blogs/websites is a wonderful help but many of the recipes/menus are for a family of four, and some food choices would make the costs for a family of eleven or a family on […]

Yoghurt in the Slow Cooker

We purchased yoghurt for a Christmas treat and then craved more.  At $5 a litre the cost was astronomical, so I began investigating how to make our own.  Using these recipes and tips we made a batch up, cost only $3 for 2 litres!  Using a slow cooker is so simple, just three basic steps. Pour 2 litres(.52gal) of […]

Grain Free for Over a Year

It has been over a year since we began on our Primal/Paleo journey, going grain free, sugar and dairy free etc.  Our teen the most affected by acne has not eaten grain bread in all that time! You may remember after reading Loren Cordain’s Dietary Cure for Acne we embarked on this journey to help rid our teens of acne. In […]

Grain Free Cereal

 As I’ve shared before, finding grain free breakfast cereal has been one of our biggest challenges.   Spunky Coconut’s Vanilla Almond Strawberry Granola has been a blessing.  Kelly has no idea of how grateful we are. (Thank you very much Kelly!!) We have varied the recipe a little and changed the name. Almond/Walnut Granola. Soak 2 […]

Grain Free Breakfast Ideas

One of the most difficult challenges of going ‘mostly grain free’ has been to find breakfast foods for our teen.  (I’m making home-made muesli for the rest of the family.)  Many of the grain free blogs, sites and books suggest leftovers, meat, eggs etc.  Truthfully in a family of ten we rarely have leftovers, teen […]

St Patrick’s Day Celebration

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all:) I have a great love for St Patrick, nurtured as a child in a Parish that had only ever know Irish missionary priests.  St Patrick’s Day in our Parish began with Mass where each year “Hail Glorious St Patrick,  Dear Saint of Our Isle.” was sung, and every child in […]

Paleo and Experimentation

Our 30 Day Elimination period came to an end a fortnight ago, teen with moderate acne’s inflammation was greatly reduced and skin was looking great, the best it has looked in two years.  As an added bonus we were all experiencing improved health. We decided to re-introduce potatoes first and this appeared to be successful, […]

Nearing End of Paleo Elmination Diet

The children are in countdown mode, we have only a week to go until the end of our Elimination Diet.  What they are fully failing to comprehend is we won’t be going back to our previous diet, we shall just be making some modifications to the Paleo lifestyle. Actually the 30 Day period hasn’t turned […]