Learning Room Needing a Revamp

We are very excited to finally have a learning room once again, after 6 years of makeshift quarters.  All three of our learning areas flow off each other, the first door on the right takes you into the study, and the second door into the library.  I’m contemplating pulling down walls and opening up the […]

Plating Up

In our early years as a family, many an afternoon I would ring my husband at 4.30pm at work and ask him, “What will we have for tea!?” Not planning properly and frozen in decision making, we consequently bought pizza on far too many nights! I came to realise that the key to success for […]

A Pool For Christmas

This Christmas we rather ambitiously decided to buy a pool, due to budget constraints it was decided that a 2nd hand above ground find from ebay would be the more prudent option.  After laying out and marking for size, we hired a dingo digger to take off the topsoil, however a malfunction with the digger […]

Book Close Up – Aussie Bookcase

Interestingly, whenever I share pictures of our library here on my blog the comments roll in thick and fast, therefore I have to assume that the majority of you aren’t thinking, “Oh no, not another book post” as one reader informed me, “I flick through your book posts, I’m not interested.” Recently Jeanne begged and […]

Organisational Bliss

Every family needs a shipping container, truly it is an organisational dream.  Originally, as we spent three years squishing a large family into 77 square metres the shipping container was a necessity. Now it plays a different but integral role. As we had a massive cull and re-organisation of the shed and container recently, I […]