Old Fashioned Nightgowns for my Girls

My younger girls have long been begging me to purchase a long nightie for them.  However they are impossible to find in the stores unless I was willing to pay $100+ online. I bought a very pretty Sheridan doona cover from the op-shop and with the aid of this peasant dress tutorial and these shiring […]

Large Family Logistical Tips

At times I feel that running a large household is similar to being at the helm of a large corporation, or a major in the military.  Over the years we have devised strategies or gleaned ideas to aid in running a smoother household.I have shared in detail previously how we shop monthly  but thought I’d […]

Christmas Hit – Dune Buggy

PC and I were really committed for Christmas presents to be outside items this year.  The boys have been begging for motorbikes, but we weren’t keen.  We researched and decided a double off road go-kart/dune buggy would better serve our purposes. We made a number of phone calls and were assured us that a 150cc […]

Paleo and Experimentation

Our 30 Day Elimination period came to an end a fortnight ago, teen with moderate acne’s inflammation was greatly reduced and skin was looking great, the best it has looked in two years.  As an added bonus we were all experiencing improved health. We decided to re-introduce potatoes first and this appeared to be successful, […]

Nearing End of Paleo Elmination Diet

The children are in countdown mode, we have only a week to go until the end of our Elimination Diet.  What they are fully failing to comprehend is we won’t be going back to our previous diet, we shall just be making some modifications to the Paleo lifestyle. Actually the 30 Day period hasn’t turned […]

Beginning Paleo 30 Day Elimination Diet

As recommended in The Dietary Cure for Acne we have begun our 30 Day elimination diet. We are endeavouring to follow the ‘rules’ as closely as possible, however we realistically acknowledge that eliminating sweet potatoes is impossible.  We have already eliminated potatoes, as one child says, “What else is left!” About four days into the […]

Adapting to the Paleo Lifestyle

The term Paleo diet is really a misnomer as thinking/shopping/cooking Paleo really involves a lifestyle change, I believe the term Paleo Lifestyle to be more appropriate.  This week involved our monthly shop at the Supermarket.  This necessitated that I finalise my organisation and finish planning for the month including our dinner meals.  As requested I’ve […]