A Day in Our Life – Aussie NBTS

Back with the next installment of the Aussie NBTS blog hop, today I’m sharing a ‘Day in Our Life’. I was hoping when I chose to share a midweek day it would be a ‘normal day’, and it is, and it’s not, ’cause each day is always slightly different. Some days we have after school activities, […]

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Teenager

Joining in the Homeschool High School carnival hosted this month by Theresa over at Lapz Home Learning. The following is a glimpse of  ‘A Day in Our Life’, this ‘day’ I focused only on our teens, and in particular their academic pursuits.  Randomly I selected a Thursday to record, was it a typical day?  In some respects […]

Aussie NBTS – A Day in Our Life

Wrapping up our Not Back to School Blog Hop by sharing a Day In Our Life.  No day in our life is identical, although they generally have a similar rhythm, some afternoons  may include sport, some days run as expected and some become ‘derailed’.  When I selected Thursday(March 1st) as ‘the day’, I was aiming for a […]

Our Learning Week with Friends

This past week we tried something new, something we haven’t done before; we schooled the whole week with another family. As our house is rather small we set up the ping pong table out in the carport. Everyday the R. family arrived at 9am and we started with independent work. Of course there was lots […]

A Day in Our House (2)

When I read about Angela’s ‘Not Quite Average Day’ I decided to share in the fun. As it turned out the day I picked; Wednesday September 2nd wasn’t quite average as some of the children have colds and are rather miserable, others are recovering and not quite as miserable; and life is not quite ‘normal’ […]

A Day in Our House

Wednesday morning I viewed our home through camera lenses; journey with us as I share. Here is Jack Jack striving valiantly to cut along straight lines. Michelangelo creating mask; he enjoys creating. Koala in her bedroom working on her English grammar. Einstein and Princess in the kitchen creating a science experiment. Why do my children […]