Re-Discovering our Creativity

This week and last, creativity has flourished in our home. ¬†We have set up two centres, art and craft. ¬†As we have not focused on the creative arts for a long time we are rather excited that the centres have been greeted with so much enthusiasm. The craft centre has all craft materials at hand, […]

Making Chainmail

Recently the children had the opportunity to be introduced to the art of making chainmail. They were so taken with this they have set up their own chainmail production line. First Carpenter manufactured a ‘gizmo’, using a piece of metal the thickness they wanted for their links. Tie wire is wound around the ‘gizmo’ about […]

Learning All The Time

The holidays have given my boys and younger girls time to build some incredible K’nex creations. They have spent hours and hours building, and learning;) The cement mixer is my personal favourite, the mixer on the back spins as the model is pushed! How amazing is that? A car. A motorbike. An aeroplane. And the […]

Paper Making

Recently we studied China and during that time read a picture book The Cloudmakers by James Rumford Princess was particularly taken with this book, it tells the story of how, many, many years ago men from Kazakhstan were raiding over the border of China. During one such raid a grandfather and his grandson were swept […]

Roman Projects

Now I have found my camera/computer cord I thought it time to share the hands on projects the boys undertook when we studied Early Church/Roman History Einstein made a centurion’s helmet which was a difficult task for him as making items such as this is not his natural forte. I found that if I worked […]

Craft of the Week Club- Week 11

When Sarah at Plainsong came up with the idea of having a Craft Club designed for ‘craft challenged mums’ I thought I’d found my niche. In honour of the Month of the Most Holy Rosary we designed a rosary poster. Materials needed are: Scrapbook sheets or posterboard. Paper punch (circle shape)and cardstock or crepe paper […]

Redwall Abbey

For a number of years now the dc have been avid Redwall fans. Not only do we have the entire set of Brian Jacques’ books but they are collecting ‘extras’ as they each want their own set. A couple of years ago their friends also caught the Redwall bug. One holidays, friends decided to host […]