*Carpenter’s College Graduation

#All photo credits to Jenna, Campion College Photographer of the day. December last year, our eldest son, *Carpenter graduated from College!!!  He now proudly holds a  Degree in Bachelor of Liberal Arts. The Graduation ceremony opened with the Celebration of Mass, presided by the Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta and con-celebrated with the College chaplain and several […]

Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales: Anseo A Thagann Sí

Three short days and our precious Anna Maria(21) boards a plane and heads off on an adventure of a life time. She lands in Dublin and then begins her travels throughout Ireland; then later on Scotland, England and Wales. Three months living and working in Ireland and the UK will be a wonderful experience and […]

Our ‘Boy’ the Swim Coach

Our son Carpenter is supporting himself through College as a swimming instructor. Whilst staying with our College children I was thrilled to have the opportunity to watch him teach.  His love of teaching was something he had already conveyed in his discussions with us, but seeing him teach, it was most apparent. He had a […]

Leaving Home

Hard to believe it was only a month ago that Carpenter left home, it seems much longer than that, so much has happened since.  The day he left was hard, at least for those left at home, just as it was when Anna Maria left, leaving days don’t get easier with subsequent children. Prior to Carpenter leaving […]

Spreading His Wings and Flying

In only three short weeks our eldest son will be leaving home! Our second child to ‘leave the nest’ and only 12 short months after his sister, how quickly the ‘ranks’ are thinning! Carpenter’s departure date has been rather unexpected and has happened with a rapidity that is only just sinking in. He is excited […]

Calendar Countdown!!

Many families at this time of the year are marking down their Advent calendars.  We however, aren’t focused on Advent calendars ’cause we’re busy marking down the days until Anna Maria arrives home. Three days till she is here!!!!!! It has been a long year without her, five long months since she was home.  Safe […]

The Road Ahead

Anna Maria left home for College a month ago, excited and focused on the road ahead.   She is enjoying her studies immensely and loving the social life.  Within days of arriving in the ‘big smoke‘ Anna Maria found part-time employment as a medical receptionist.   She is happy and thriving. We at home on the road […]

She Goes Forth – The Times, They are A Changin’

In less than a fortnight our eldest leaves home! Anna Maria is excited and eagerly looking forward to beginning the next stage in her life’s journey. Eight months ago Anna Maria began a course at our local TAFE, Administration/Bookkeeping, Certificate 3.  She quickly found her rhythm and enjoyed the experience of formal classes and independence.  We watched her […]