Reading to Teens

Do you read to your teenagers? I’ve just begun reading to our teens after a hiatus of years. Over the years I’ve read aloud to our middle and younger children (mostly) but for various reasons I haven’t been reading to our teens. This has bothered me for years and I’ve yearned to change the situation but have been […]

Recent Creativity In Our Home

  Princess has been totally engaged lately in teaching herself how to draw. We’ve been completely impressed and surprised to see what previously unknown talent she has.   How to Draw books abound on our shelves, so she has plenty of instruction.   Note the detail, the leg line, the eye expression! Princesses of course […]

Handwriting Boot Camp

In ‘A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Teenager‘ I mentioned  ‘handwriting boot camp’, and Charlotte asked for more detail. The handwriting of the majority of our boys has long been a point of despair, issues addressed over the years have been numerous.  Incorrect pencil grip, starting letters at the incorrect ‘clock’ position, sloppy and […]

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Teenager

Joining in the Homeschool High School carnival hosted this month by Theresa over at Lapz Home Learning. The following is a glimpse of  ‘A Day in Our Life’, this ‘day’ I focused only on our teens, and in particular their academic pursuits.  Randomly I selected a Thursday to record, was it a typical day?  In some respects […]

Language Arts Foundation

This month’s Homeschool Highschool Carnival is hosted by Every Bed of Roses and some have chosen to chat about: Language Arts in High School.… What does your language arts program look like? What influences your choices/selection? (Not focusing on Literature nor Writing, both to be discussed in sepearate carnivals) At first thought, discussing our Language Arts […]

Leaving Home

Hard to believe it was only a month ago that Carpenter left home, it seems much longer than that, so much has happened since.  The day he left was hard, at least for those left at home, just as it was when Anna Maria left, leaving days don’t get easier with subsequent children. Prior to Carpenter leaving […]

Keeping Records

  This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Creating With Wisdom and I’m chatting about …..Record Keeping  In the early days of our home education journey I would buy a business diary every year with half an A4 page of blank lines for each day, however on a good week I only managed […]

Supporting Our Scientist

This month’s carnival is hosted by Lapaz Home Learning and I’m chatting about: Science in High School…. All of our children have been interested in science to varying degrees but for the purpose of this carnival I wish to share in particular the journey of our son, Einstein.  He is our first to plan on […]