Spreading His Wings and Flying

In only three short weeks our eldest son will be leaving home! Our second child to ‘leave the nest’ and only 12 short months after his sister, how quickly the ‘ranks’ are thinning! Carpenter’s departure date has been rather unexpected and has happened with a rapidity that is only just sinking in. He is excited […]

Striving to Find and Maintain Our Stride

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Cherished Hearts at Home and some of us are chatting about: Finding our Stride.…Homeschoolers with highschoolers, particularly long term homeschoolers tend to find a groove.  How has your family’s educational philosophy evolved over the years?  Where do you find yourself in the highschool years?  We began our […]

Calendar Countdown!!

Many families at this time of the year are marking down their Advent calendars.  We however, aren’t focused on Advent calendars ’cause we’re busy marking down the days until Anna Maria arrives home. Three days till she is here!!!!!! It has been a long year without her, five long months since she was home.  Safe […]

The Maths Equation

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Fisher Academy International and some of us are chatting about: Math in High School.….What does your highschoolers program look like? What influenced your choices/selection? Laying a strong foundational aptitude and positive attitude towards maths begins in the earliest years. Encouraging ‘living maths experiences, ie “How many knives do we need to set […]

Fostering Independence

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Living Without School and we are chatting about: Nurturing Independence in High School….  To what extent do your highschoolers collaborate in planning their studies, how do you encourage your highschoolers to take the reins of their education, what tools do you use and how is this input […]

Studying The Russian Revolution

On the weekend I was updating our previous First World War plans to suit our 11th grader and I realised anew that one of the rewarding results of maintaining a blog is to be able to search your own blog for ‘those plans I wrote before’.  Our 9th and 7th graders are studying The Russian Revolution this […]

The Pen is Mighty

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Take Up and Read and we are chatting about: Writing and Composition in High School What place do you see writing have in your high schoolers education? Do you use a writing program? What approach do you use? Which ‘tools’ did you use in the younger years that helped prepare your […]

The Wide View: Homeschool High School Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of the Homeschool High School Carnival!  We have a broad and fascinating line up of contributions, grab a cuppa and spend time perusing the shared stories from these homeschooling families, may you feel inspired, encouraged and supported. The Wide View: How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into […]