The Mission, The Strategy, The Focus

Participating in the Homeschool High School Carnival, in fact this is our launch edition!  Sharing my thoughts today about: The Wide View….How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into what your highschoolers do on a daily/weekly basis? Do you generalise or specialise?  Like many home educating families we began this […]

Homeschool High School Carnival!

It is with great excitement that I share with you the launching of Homeschool High School Carnival!! Homeschooling our children through the high school years can be one of the most rewarding times in our homeschool journey, the fascinating conversations, the delving deeper into learning, nurturing the emergence of our children into young adults is […]

The Road Ahead

Anna Maria left home for College a month ago, excited and focused on the road ahead.   She is enjoying her studies immensely and loving the social life.  Within days of arriving in the ‘big smoke‘ Anna Maria found part-time employment as a medical receptionist.   She is happy and thriving. We at home on the road […]

She Goes Forth – The Times, They are A Changin’

In less than a fortnight our eldest leaves home! Anna Maria is excited and eagerly looking forward to beginning the next stage in her life’s journey. Eight months ago Anna Maria began a course at our local TAFE, Administration/Bookkeeping, Certificate 3.  She quickly found her rhythm and enjoyed the experience of formal classes and independence.  We watched her […]

Stepping Forth

Well the day has finally arrived, mentally we knew it would but can you ever really be prepared? Our first-born is ready to move forth, to begin the next stage in her life’s journey.  A new beginning for us that will impact across many areas of our family dynamics. Designing your own home education curriculum makes it […]

Term Reflections; Curriculum Highlights

As we have now come to the conclusion of Term 1, I thought to share some curriculum highlights from our first Term.  Some I have mentioned in passing before, but I’ve compiled a more complete synopsis. For clarity; Koala is in Grade 12, Carpenter in Grade 10, Einstein Grade 8, Michelangelo Grade 6, Princess Grade 4, Jelly […]

Computer Triage

When discussing with our teens what direction they wished to take with Science this term they were keen on studying and pulling apart small motors.  Then the idea of dismantling computers  was raised. Contacting a friend they were excited to discover the R family had 5 computers not functioning which they were welcome to have. […]

Geography for Highschool

This year my three teenagers have been using Brenda Runkle’s ‘World Physical Geography’, this is the first time we have used a formal approach to geography. As Koala has just finished the program (she has crammed a year’s program into 6 months) I have interviewed her as my guest poster:) Welcome Koala:) I’d like to […]