Direction For Our Highschoolers

This year finds us with three highschoolers, and even more sobering, our oldest is in Grade 11! *(Highschool in NSW, Australia is Grades 7- 12) We spent time in the holidays prayerfully discerning our direction, and consequently decided on some new materials (and old). In thanks to friends and fellow bloggers who have supported and […]

Studying World War 1

This coming term we will be studying World War 1. I have been compiling lists of books to read and planning research questions and activities. I thought I would share here as they may be of use to others, obviously the questions are of an Australian nature. Movies * Dad to preview suitability for Koala […]

Highschool Maths – Breaking News

I have written before about which has been such a blessing for us. When our oldest reached highschool we needed to follow a different path to previously. To find an Australian highschool(grades 7-12) course that taught in an audio/visual manner via the computer was an answer to prayer. The lessons are very well presented […]

Encouraging Budding Writers

As I shared Carpenter and Koala have been busy writing novelettes. Carpenter has always been interested in writing although his spelling has not always been easy to follow, recently though he has made great improvement. Writing for an audience is a valuable experience as he not only has to take care with his mechanics but […]

On Reading Matter

We are a reading family, if I confess that Jem at 4 weeks old was issued with his own library card you will understand that I literally mean what I say. Books number in the thousands in our home, every day sees various members holed up with a book, or two. I experience the blessings […]

Reading the Works of ‘The Bard’

As I shared previously we were to study a little Shakespeare this term. Well we stayed to plan (amazing!;) We reserved a pile of books from our library and found we only had time to read the one. Stories from Shakespeare by Geraldine McCaughrean became our favourite, we read plays such as Henry V, Romeo […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 3

As I shared previously I am organising our subjects for the term into blocks. For the five youngest that is. Block A will consist of History, Language Arts and Fine Arts A, Block B will consist of Science,Geography, Typing and Fine Arts B. Maths, Faith and Literature will be included in blocks A and B. […]

Talking Highschool Mathematics

At the beginning of the year when PC and I sat down and discussed where the childrens’ learning was going this year, what was working and what wasn’t; one of the conclusions was that they/I needed more help in the maths department. PC is brilliant at maths and he and Koala love talking math, discussing […]