Making Chainmail

Recently the children had the opportunity to be introduced to the art of making chainmail. They were so taken with this they have set up their own chainmail production line. First Carpenter manufactured a ‘gizmo’, using a piece of metal the thickness they wanted for their links. Tie wire is wound around the ‘gizmo’ about […]

Building Medieval Weapons

The children are continuing with their project work some more diligently than others. For some, individual projects have given way to jointly working together, which creates a wonderful flow of energy. Michelangelo is researching Medieval Weaponry. This is very reminiscent for us as quite a few years back Carpenter was into making all sorts of […]

Following Interests

I have briefly shared that we are trialling a little of project based learning. We have most intrigued by the areas of interest the children have each chosen, they are rather varied and some choices have surprised us. Princess’ choice however wasn’t a surprise in that she expressed an interest to learn more about Native […]

Paper Making

Recently we studied China and during that time read a picture book The Cloudmakers by James Rumford Princess was particularly taken with this book, it tells the story of how, many, many years ago men from Kazakhstan were raiding over the border of China. During one such raid a grandfather and his grandson were swept […]

Roman Projects

Now I have found my camera/computer cord I thought it time to share the hands on projects the boys undertook when we studied Early Church/Roman History Einstein made a centurion’s helmet which was a difficult task for him as making items such as this is not his natural forte. I found that if I worked […]

Creating A Family Timeline Keepsake

For so long I have wanted our family to keep a timeline/book of centuries but wasn’t too sure how to go about it, then one day I was browsing at Suzanne’s site and was so excited by the timeline that her boys were using and how they were keeping it. Finally the ‘lightbulb clicked’ and […]

‘Archaelogists Dig For Clues’

We have just started using RC History and the opinions from the children vary(typical, standard procedure.) Following RC History in chronological order means that we go right back and start history from Creation onwards. As well as studying the earlier parts of Genesis we are reading archaeology books. For the first time in a long […]