Leaping Into Literature: A Tradition

Last year towards the end of 4th term we immersed ourselves in literature, reading our way through towering piles of books, christening this time, Leaping into Literature. It was so popular we’ve decided to conclude our school year this way once again, thus a tradition has been born. As per our approach last year we are focusing […]

Finally, Reading For Pleasure

Last night Jelly Bean (9.8yrs) began reading for pleasure!!! I am beyond excited and just had to share our joy!! She took a Little House Chapter Book to bed, read 2 chapters and then was up bright and early reading another chapter before breakfast. This has been a long, long road, and although JB is not […]

Mercy Watson – Transition Readers

Over the years we have built up a collection of readers for our beginner, emerging and independent readers.  I am always searching for books that will fully engage and nurture a love of reading, yet as each child has their own preference, what one enjoys may not appeal to another, and as a couple of […]

Leap into Literature – Back in Time

(old pic) Into a rhythm now with our ‘Leap into Literature‘ focus, not to say we’re achieving everything planned every  day, but that is par for the course at the end of the school year.  It’s hot, we’re winding down and expecting a baby in less than a month, so all things considered I’m happy […]

Leap Into Literature – Around the World

 Our previous efforts ironed out the wrinkles in our organising and the past fortnight saw us in a settled rhythm.  Although we did take a few days off for socialising, not something we lightly do preferring to leave socialising for afternoons. However at this stage of my pregnancy I’m ‘knackered’ by the afternoon, but as I’ve […]

Leap into Literature, Three Weeks In

Previously I shared that our Leap into Literature ‘was a resounding success!’, I really should have known better.  We’ve been homeschooling for a decade and a half now and I know that ‘first days/weeks’ are always followed by an adjustment period. In this case it wasn’t over-ambition, I have finally learnt not to over-schedule, though it […]