Reflections on Beginning Our Leap into Literature

We launched our Leaping into Literature plan this week and it was a resounding success!  With its focus on literature and the 4Rs we had a structure which still allowed for a relaxed atmosphere. No ‘completing work with a tick box mentality’, it was so lovely, the atmosphere was what we used to have years back and […]

Leaping into Literature

Next week our holidays draw to a close and we begin the final term of the year.  As I contemplated what direction I wished our studies to take in the next 10 week block I knew I needed to be realistic, we have three indisputable factors that create a major impact.  I am now in […]

Creating Synergy

Whilst co-ops are an important resource for many home educators in the States, they don’t play a major role in Australia, although they exist in the major cities I haven’t experienced any in rural Australia.  Periodically local home education groups may gather and parents share and impart skills, but formal co-ops certainly haven’t been part […]

Handwriting Boot Camp

In ‘A Day in the Life of a Homeschooled Teenager‘ I mentioned  ‘handwriting boot camp’, and Charlotte asked for more detail. The handwriting of the majority of our boys has long been a point of despair, issues addressed over the years have been numerous.  Incorrect pencil grip, starting letters at the incorrect ‘clock’ position, sloppy and […]

Language Arts Foundation

This month’s Homeschool Highschool Carnival is hosted by Every Bed of Roses and some have chosen to chat about: Language Arts in High School.… What does your language arts program look like? What influences your choices/selection? (Not focusing on Literature nor Writing, both to be discussed in sepearate carnivals) At first thought, discussing our Language Arts […]

A Love For Reading

One of the greatest joys as a homeschooling mama is sharing that moment when your child ‘clicks’ with reading.  Jelly Bean (8.8) has finally reached that coveted place. As I walked through the loungeroom this week, catching JB reading to Jack Jack I rejoiced. Not only was she reading to him but in turn she […]

Launching a Later Reader

A few weeks back I asked my readers for advice regards motivating a later reader. “Any great ideas on how to motivate an 8yr old girl to read?  She is so close to reading independently but doesn’t want to put in the hard work, ’cause it is hard at this stage.  I’m open to bribery suggestions;)” […]

The Pen is Mighty

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Take Up and Read and we are chatting about: Writing and Composition in High School What place do you see writing have in your high schoolers education? Do you use a writing program? What approach do you use? Which ‘tools’ did you use in the younger years that helped prepare your […]