Reading the Works of ‘The Bard’

As I shared previously we were to study a little Shakespeare this term. Well we stayed to plan (amazing!;) We reserved a pile of books from our library and found we only had time to read the one. Stories from Shakespeare by Geraldine McCaughrean became our favourite, we read plays such as Henry V, Romeo […]

Picture Book Time

One of my new resolutions is to regularly fit in picture book time with my younger ones. By younger I mean Michaelangelo, Princess and Jelly Bean and of course Jack Jack. For some reason snuggling up with picture books once a great mainstay of our life has fallen by the wayside. I am determined to […]

When Children Are Later Readers

All my boys have been a little late at reading, not taking off till well after seven however Michaelangelo has been even later. He learnt his sounds about the same time as his brothers. However he wasn’t that strong and then he plateaued, he didn’t seem to be ready to connect the fact that together […]

Reading in Our House During 2007

Our family is a ‘reading family’. Not a day would go by without seeing various members reading throughout the day and everyone curls up in bed with a book at night. Books spill out the book shelves and are stacked in various piles throughout the house. Boxes are constantly being carried back and forth between […]

Koala has read her 60 Books!!

Koala has finished her bookworm! As I shared previously she had to read 60, it sounds like alot, but well, she is a speed reader and an incredibly voracious reader so it seemed fairly comparable to the boys’ target. Due to my rules, she has only just completed her target, truth be told in this […]