This Week in Learning: November 21st, 2014

Whilst learning has been happening during the three weeks since I last shared, when you don’t write learning notes weekly, despite your best intentions to remember all you don’t. ¬†Fortunately I did jot down some notes so I have a general idea of some of what we learnt. The previous weeks have been disrupted thanks […]

Leaping into Literature: Excellent Finds

We seem to be ‘enjoying a theme’ of interrupted weeks this term.  Our challenges this week included days off to welcome home our teen Pilgrims (hooray they are home safe and sound:) and for our town’s annual festival.  Both of course important events, nevertheless I’m happy that we’ve managed to continue with solid learning despite […]

Leaping into Literature: A Few Keepers

Last week we launched our ‘traditional’ 4th Term venture, Leaping into Literature with a bang. Readers commented on the ‘low marks’ the children assigned to some of the books, and I confess to surprise myself, they were tough critics.  Keep in mind though that the children rating the picture books are 10, 8 & 6, […]

Leaping Into Literature: A Tradition

Last year towards the end of 4th term we immersed ourselves in literature, reading our way through towering piles of books, christening this time, Leaping into Literature. It was so popular we’ve decided to conclude our school year this way once again, thus a tradition has been born. As per our approach last year we are focusing […]

Leap into Literature – Australian History

(old pic) Last week we focused on Australian history, always a personal favourite of mine, though the children moan they know it all, not true. It was the third last week of the school year and a definite feeling of winding down. However we forged on and managed to continue with maths, independent studies for […]

Leap into Literature – Back in Time

(old pic) Into a rhythm now with our ‘Leap into Literature‘ focus, not to say we’re achieving everything planned every  day, but that is par for the course at the end of the school year.  It’s hot, we’re winding down and expecting a baby in less than a month, so all things considered I’m happy […]

Leap Into Literature – Around the World

 Our previous efforts ironed out the wrinkles in our organising and the past fortnight saw us in a settled rhythm.  Although we did take a few days off for socialising, not something we lightly do preferring to leave socialising for afternoons. However at this stage of my pregnancy I’m ‘knackered’ by the afternoon, but as I’ve […]

Leap into Literature, Three Weeks In

Previously I shared that our Leap into Literature ‘was a resounding success!’, I really should have known better.  We’ve been homeschooling for a decade and a half now and I know that ‘first days/weeks’ are always followed by an adjustment period. In this case it wasn’t over-ambition, I have finally learnt not to over-schedule, though it […]