This Week in Learning: October 10th, 2014

This week was our first week back studying, our last term of the year, I’d be less than truthful if I said it was all plain sailing.  I wrote an email on the first day to a new homeschooling mama encouraging her, words that are true for myself too, “… never expect too much your first […]

Monthly Memories – July 2012

Sharing our Monthly Memories. A productive learning month, capturing a few of the highlights. Carpenter’s essay……Carpenter entered an essay competition,  ‘The Greek term ‘polymath’ referred to a person who had expertise in a number of different subject areas. Is there a more contemporary figure that you believe deserves this term? What specific contributions has this figure made […]

Monthly Memories – June 2012

  Sharing our Monthly Memories. As always, sharing a month at a time means that only a snippet is recorded. Our logic classes with Father N:)  Before Father N left we were blessed that he was able to present a series of logic classes to the children.  We (both children and mums) thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and […]

Monthly Memories – April & May 2012

Joining in with Kylie to record our Monthly Memories. Attempting a summation of the past two months, as I didn’t diligently record, the following is only a sample of learning undertaken and books read. The introduction of a daily Language Arts period (@1.5hrs) with our teen boys. This time is divided weekly between the study of spelling, […]

Monthly Memories – March 2012

  Inspired by my enjoyment of Angela’s Choice Time and Learning in Review posts, I’m joining in Kylie‘s Monthly Memories, a great way to commit our memories to ‘paper’ each month. Endeavouring to capture the learning highlights of the past three weeks. Our greatest achievement was our Mega Mapping.  The evident enthusiasm with which this project was received was heartening.  Truly, to see our […]

Monthly Memories – February 2012

Angela’s Choice Time and Learning in Review posts have long been some of my favourite posts to read.  It has often been my intention to attempt a poor imitation, with Kylie’s launching of Monthly Memories I have been finally spurred to put finger to keyboard. Endeavouring to capture the learning highlights of the past six weeks. Our […]

Term Reflections; Curriculum Highlights

As we have now come to the conclusion of Term 1, I thought to share some curriculum highlights from our first Term.  Some I have mentioned in passing before, but I’ve compiled a more complete synopsis. For clarity; Koala is in Grade 12, Carpenter in Grade 10, Einstein Grade 8, Michelangelo Grade 6, Princess Grade 4, Jelly […]

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Term 1 Review

**The following is rather long, this post is an honest look at homeschooling in a large family. Looking back over my plans I’m rather surprised to discover that we generally stuck to task this term. This is indeed no small matter!! Diligence and self-discipline were learnt for a starter. Progress was made:) Highlights include : […]