Our Plans & Resources – Aussie NBTS

Time for more chat over at the Aussie Not Back to School blog hop. Last week I introduced you to our students. Today we are going to talk plans and resources, as we did three years ago. It’s rather timely to be chatting about this topic as a ‘curriculum chat’ was requested by a reader […]

Meet Our Students – Aussie NBTS

Kylie and Chareen are co-hosting the Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop! Three years ago we joined in the fun, and it’s time again:)  Calling out to all Aussie homeschoolers to join in. Be sure to pop on over and meet everyone. We are kicking off the blog hop by introducing our ‘students’. Whilst this year […]

Kindling & Fanning Scientific Minds

The well known quote “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, encapsulates our educational philosophy, a less erudite phrase that also sums up our approach is, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” These two phrases shine forth quite strongly in our approach to understanding and learning about scientific matters. […]

It Takes a Community

Twenty five years ago my mother began home educating my younger siblings, this was a pivotal time to be home educating in NSW, Australia.  Home education was little known and illegal, my mum fought for rights that her children and in turn her grandchildren have enjoyed.  A couple of years after mum made this brave […]

Plating Up

In our early years as a family, many an afternoon I would ring my husband at 4.30pm at work and ask him, “What will we have for tea!?” Not planning properly and frozen in decision making, we consequently bought pizza on far too many nights! I came to realise that the key to success for […]

Monthly Memories – July 2012

Sharing our Monthly Memories. A productive learning month, capturing a few of the highlights. Carpenter’s essay……Carpenter entered an essay competition,  ‘The Greek term ‘polymath’ referred to a person who had expertise in a number of different subject areas. Is there a more contemporary figure that you believe deserves this term? What specific contributions has this figure made […]

Monthly Memories – June 2012

  Sharing our Monthly Memories. As always, sharing a month at a time means that only a snippet is recorded. Our logic classes with Father N:)  Before Father N left we were blessed that he was able to present a series of logic classes to the children.  We (both children and mums) thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and […]