Monthly Memories – April & May 2012

Joining in with Kylie to record our Monthly Memories. Attempting a summation of the past two months, as I didn’t diligently record, the following is only a sample of learning undertaken and books read. The introduction of a daily Language Arts period (@1.5hrs) with our teen boys. This time is divided weekly between the study of spelling, […]

Monthly Memories – March 2012

  Inspired by my enjoyment of Angela’s Choice Time and Learning in Review posts, I’m joining in Kylie‘s Monthly Memories, a great way to commit our memories to ‘paper’ each month. Endeavouring to capture the learning highlights of the past three weeks. Our greatest achievement was our Mega Mapping.  The evident enthusiasm with which this project was received was heartening.  Truly, to see our […]

Monthly Memories – February 2012

Angela’s Choice Time and Learning in Review posts have long been some of my favourite posts to read.  It has often been my intention to attempt a poor imitation, with Kylie’s launching of Monthly Memories I have been finally spurred to put finger to keyboard. Endeavouring to capture the learning highlights of the past six weeks. Our […]

Aussie NBTS – A Day in Our Life

Wrapping up our Not Back to School Blog Hop by sharing a Day In Our Life.  No day in our life is identical, although they generally have a similar rhythm, some afternoons  may include sport, some days run as expected and some become ‘derailed’.  When I selected Thursday(March 1st) as ‘the day’, I was aiming for a […]

Aussie NBTS – Our Learning Spaces

Our assignment this week for the Not Back to School Blog Hop is to share our learning spaces.  When Kylie designated Week Three to be Learning Spaces I knew the moment of truth would arrive eventually.  We don’t live in an ordinary home, we are slowly building our home, and parts are not pretty, in fact the most […]

Aussie NBTS – Our Plans & Resources

 This week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop Kylie has us all chatting about our plans and resources for the upcoming year. We’ve been home educating for well over a decade now, we were drawn to home education from the beginning.  Initially we were strongly influenced by John Holt (unschooling/Natural Learning) Raymond Moore […]

Aussie NBTS – Meet Our Students

 Joining in with Kylie over at the Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop.  Thank you Kylie for the invitation, extending the invite to all Aussie home educator bloggers to  join us in the fun.  This week we are introducing our students. Without further ado I invite you to ‘meet’ our Seven(Plus) Little Australians, from […]