Maths & Spelling Only For Seven Days: Our Pick-A-Box Challenge

A few weeks ago we Read Only for a Week using a system of a Pick-a-Read Challenge in which the children chose various reading activities from a variety of suggestions and by the week’s end all were reading far more confidently and frequently, our week was declared a success! Inspired I decided to target another couple of areas for […]

How To Create Your Own Multiplication Chart

It has been our experience that when a child hits a ‘road block’ with maths the reason can often be traced back to not knowing their multiplication tables thoroughly enough. To this end, chanting multiplication tables has been added to the daily memorisation list this year. However I’ve been frustrated by the fact we haven’t had a […]

The Maths Equation

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Fisher Academy International and some of us are chatting about: Math in High School.….What does your highschoolers program look like? What influenced your choices/selection? Laying a strong foundational aptitude and positive attitude towards maths begins in the earliest years. Encouraging ‘living maths experiences, ie “How many knives do we need to set […]

Living Math – Multiplication Picture Books

Our Princess has been struggling with maths, in particular she has needed to know her times tables but has been most reluctant.  In a bid to foster a love of maths we put the workbooks aside and began a different mathematical journey.  As Princess enjoys picture books I knew that was a good place to […]

Instant Free Access to Mathsonline Primary!

I’ve shared before our happiness with our highschool maths program imagine our excitement to discover that they are releasing their trial version for Primary, Grades 4-6. To get immediate FREE access to this award winning Primary Maths program, follow the link below to their years 4 to 6 trial site. login(automated): trial Password: […]

Highschool Maths – Breaking News

I have written before about which has been such a blessing for us. When our oldest reached highschool we needed to follow a different path to previously. To find an Australian highschool(grades 7-12) course that taught in an audio/visual manner via the computer was an answer to prayer. The lessons are very well presented […]

Term in Review – Math Buster Monday

As I’ve shared we have been trialling a new approach, I have written a little before about our Math Buster Monday and thought I’d share some further highlights. Angela’s idea of Marshmallow Maths had us inspired to join in the fun of building shapes and bridges with marshmallows and toothpicks. (Be sure to see Theresa’s […]

Talking Highschool Mathematics

At the beginning of the year when PC and I sat down and discussed where the childrens’ learning was going this year, what was working and what wasn’t; one of the conclusions was that they/I needed more help in the maths department. PC is brilliant at maths and he and Koala love talking math, discussing […]