A Montessori Moment

Just thought I’d share a ‘Montessori Moment’ with the children. Princess is matching tastes. Using some old homeopathic bottles I filled them with different flavours, peppermint essence, vanilla, vinegar etc, the children really love this activity. On the bottom of the bottles are matching stickers to check for self-correction after they have made their selection. […]

Our Montessori Space

After our successful Montessori activites I was inspired to have ‘Montessori shelves’. Our house is small so space is at a premium. Looking around I found a place under the entertainment unit where I could store activities together. First though I needed to pull everything out that was crammed under there. Of course this then […]

Our First Montessori Activity

I have been spending alot of time lately at 4 Real reading, learning and discussing more about Maria Montessori’s teachings. There is so much to learn and so much to organise. However I decided if I waited till I had everything just perfect I would never be able to start. Last Friday Jelly Bean and […]

Re-visiting Montessori

Many years ago….. it does seem like that at times… when my oldest daughter was a pre-schooler I began immersing myself in Maria Montessori’s philosophy. I read a great many books written by and about Maria Montessori’s ideas and ways to implement these in my home. During that time I made a few great homemade […]