I Didn’t Even Ask This Time!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped into a friend’s garage sale and saw some beautiful solid timber shelves. I looked at it and pondered, “I really like them, I’m sure I could use them for something very useful but just what.” My friend wandered over and upon being asked what she had used them […]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive…..Again

Once again God has answered my wants, it wasn’t with something I had to have but something I wanted. He is indeed good to me. For some time I have been wanting a cork board as I haven’t been able to hang the children’s work on the wall anymore because the blue-tac just wouldn’t work:( […]

Indpendent Work and Accountability

This week I have re-introduced an idea we have used before, personal checklist sheets. We have long had our routine for the day pasted on the board so the children are supposed to know what is coming next but for some reason I am often the only one who looks at it. Therefore it is […]

Visual Presentation Becomes Keepsake

Every year for the last several years I have gathered the children’s work together at the end of the year and bound it together. These binders have become treasured keepsakes of the children, they hover around whilst I am compiling it all together, anxiously waiting to see their book. I have just finished doing last […]

Creating A Family Timeline Keepsake

For so long I have wanted our family to keep a timeline/book of centuries but wasn’t too sure how to go about it, then one day I was browsing at Suzanne’s site and was so excited by the timeline that her boys were using and how they were keeping it. Finally the ‘lightbulb clicked’ and […]

‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive’

Just before Christmas I started dropping hints to Prince Charming that what I would like, really like would be display shelves for our ‘theme’ books. You know like the ones that they have in the children’s section of the library. I thought having the books displayed attractively would entice the dc to pick up the […]

What I have been busy doing

I’ve been busy this last fortnight spending many hours entering our personal library into a database. Using Readerware I have been able to create a book database by scanning in the barcode(thank you Prince Charming for the scanner) or entering the ISBN of our books. In many cases I have typed in author and title […]

Our Montessori Space

After our successful Montessori activites I was inspired to have ‘Montessori shelves’. Our house is small so space is at a premium. Looking around I found a place under the entertainment unit where I could store activities together. First though I needed to pull everything out that was crammed under there. Of course this then […]